Saturday, January 3, 2009


This is what my tree looked like when I first brought it home. Fresh green foliage, adding color to my not so colorful house. But only a few short weeks later, just what I had been concerned about has taken place. Now this tree of mine is sporting the fall look. Not quite what I had in mind. It is quickly dying off. In order to bring this tree back to life I have taken desperate measures. I will be running a few experiments.

Look, it has less than a dozen leaves left on it. Poor thing!

Just as Jesus cursed the fig tree and it listened to Him and withered and died. I will be blessing this tree with my words. I will be laying my hands on this tree and praying life back into it. It should be good practice for when I need to pray for people. I also will be applying the Word of God to it. This should be a fun experiment. I also have brought it into the kitchen so I can tend to it more often for the time being. I will be playing praise and worship music for it frequently as well. I will stay posted on the improvements. May God bless my fair weathered friend!

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