Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ingrained With Belief

When I look back at my entire life, I see that I have been ingrained with my belief in God. I have never once stopped believing that Christ walked this earth some time ago and died for many. Of course I had to take the first step of faith for myself and receive Christ but never not once has He been removed from my beliefs. You can say that I was an unbelieving believer. A rebellious punk with no respect for the spiritual side of things. A heathen, full of the devil. I can admit that I made many, many bad decisions. But the fact that God never left me alone plain just brings me to tears. Every thing I've done and gone through, He's always been there with me just waiting for me to turn towards Him. His rich mercy encompasses me, His grace blankets me. I have been ingrained with this belief system since childhood. I can't help but think how hard it must be to discover Christ without this kind of upbringing. It's not hard for God since he knows every heart and anything is possible with Him, but think how detrimental it is to bring your children up in the ways of the Lord. Teaching them along the way and being a good example as Christ was, is so important. Those little eyes are watching you always and they might be young but they're not stupid. They catch on very easily. Pray for your little ones that they never leave the shadow of the Almighty. Pray that God will stalk them and keep them close, no matter what kind of mess they might get themselves into. If it wasn't for my mothers fasting and prayers, and the rest of my families prayers, who knows where I would be. Would I still be alive? Tuff to say.

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