Thursday, April 23, 2009

God's Planting - I'm Watering

Sometimes I wish God would plant things in me and they would just flourish. This would make things so much easier. Things like mercy, forgiveness, love, patience, wisdom in every subject. Take love for example. When I was born again God planted a special seed in me called love. For this seed to grow in me properly I must water it. I have to go love people on purpose, it's not just going to happen. This doesn't naturaly happen without some effort on my part.

I make a daily choice to show others mercy. Daily I choose to follow Christ with all my heart. Our daily choices determine our spiritual growth. I fail repeatedly but continuously learn from these mistakes. I don't always feel like being nice and showing love to my co-workers. I have to make that choice not to gossip about that person who ticked me off. Again I fail repeatedly but turn to Jesus for wisdom. As I continue in this walk of faith I can see myself growing in certain subjects as I nurish the seeds God has planted in me.

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Char said...

I never get tired of your blogs. in the light that I like to spend all my time in fellowship with the Lord or learning more of Him, someone once said they couldn't take that much of God. Of course my comment was, I have never gotten too much of God.
Keep on being Godly and persuing Him!!!!!!!!!!!