Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pranks Are Fun

Did any one play an April Fools day joke on someone? Did any one have a joke played on them? I used to love a good prank once in a while. Last year I had my mother believing that I lost my job. I got her good. She had people praying for me and everything.

I guess I should be careful. I'm not much for having pranks played on me. If it's in good humor I'm alright with it. Some of the kids on my Wednesday night van route played a joke on me. They gathered all the money they could between all the kids on the van. They were trying to get me to tell them my middle name. I wasn't very cooperative until they showed me two dollars that would be mine if I told them. I gave in and told them my middle name and when I asked for my money. "April Fools", I had been duped.

Once upon a time in a town not too far from here where I worked a factory job I played a prank. Something I don't recommend doing but has an awesomely funny outcome. This wasn't April Fools day but jokes are for all seasons. We had a small winter storm and I didn't much feel like going to work. So I called the local television station and radio station and canceled work for 2nd and 3rd shift that day. The outcome wasn't good. They never did find out it was me but half the employees didn't show up for work. If they had found out it was me I would have been instantly terminated. Or perhaps prosecuted.

Anybody else have a funny prank story?


RCrotty said...

You are Mean

RCrotty said...

Did you get my text.

mike said...

Crotty kid, I got your text this morning. Guess you will be budgeting a little extra for car insurance now too. How much was your ticket?

mike said...

And how fast were you going?...shame, shame...I know your name...Did you tell the officer that you coming from church. It's always a good witness when you tell them that.;-]

RCrotty said...

It was 89.60. Taking any donations. I told Him that I was comming home from church. But I think he cared more about me going 39 in a 25.