Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear Blogger

Dear Blogger,

Sometimes you make me want to pull my hair out. Other days you make me want to scream and shout and I don't mean shout praises to the Lord either. You don't want to post anything the way I type it and when I go to edit it, you completely erase it like that is suppose to help or something. Then for some strange reason you make me sign in, over and over and over as if the first time wasn't enough. I've had it up to here with you blogger. Good thing you can't see where here is or you might blush.

I'm not so sore at you that I am going to give up on you or anything, but I think I might put you off to the side for a while. I don't want to hurt your feelings or anything but seriously you are ticking me off. If you haven't noticed I've been kind of neglecting you more and more as the months go by. I don't mean anything by it but I have actually been doing more personal journal writing of what I feel the Lord has been pressing on my heart. And no, I'm not going to share any of that with you because, well, it personal. I guess that's why they call it a person relationship with Jesus.

So I will take a small break from your shenanigans.

One more thing. I would like to post some things via my cell phone while at our Youth Breakaway conference that I'm heading out for after tomorrow. If you would be so kind as not to act up I would really appreciate it. Thanks........

Sincerely, Still Ticked Off at you, Mike/offroadjeeper/I'm going to Kansas City and your not/stick that in your pipe and smoke it/if there were a word for sticking my tongue out that's what I would type.

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Char said...

Say it isn't so!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL