Friday, May 7, 2010

Making The Right Decisions

I was watching a movie with Suzy last night. In this movie the main couple are struggling with their finances. The husband loses his job and his wife is a lawyer. It was all meant to be funny throughout the movie but it amazed me at the message I seen. Though this couple was struggling and barely making it on a lawyer's wages, they never took the appropriate steps to minimize their living. They didn't down size on the house they lived in, nor did they get a cheaper car. It was like that was out of the question. They chose to keep driving a Mercedes convertible just so they could keep up with the world.

This weekend Suzy and I are determined on trading in her Trailblazer. It has to be done. It's either the car payment or rent. In the movies we might try every other get rich scheme to try and keep the luxury cars and stuff. But this is the real world and we want to live in wisdom. I can say it is hard for me because I have money to blow but I want to be a good example for Suzy and others around me. I need wisdom when it comes to my finances because it would be so easy to spend it all. I know getting a cheaper car with better gas mileage is the way to go. No matter how it looks, we need to be good stuards of our money. We have been praying for guidance in this matter for some time now. I pray the right priced, dependable, gas efficient car comes our way soon.

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