Monday, December 29, 2008

Ministry Description: GREETER

At my church, Open Bible Church, I have been looking for more places to serve. Currently I just do whatever pastor asks me to do. For example: "Hey Mike, would you help me trim trees Saturday around nine if you have time." To which I reply, "Yes, I would love to help you trim trees on Saturday, I will make time." And, "Hey Mike, would you help out this little ol' lady with her garden sometime. She just needs it burnt off and tilled before the frost." And again I say, "sure I would love to help this elderly woman out." That is about all I do to serve at my church. This last Sunday we had sign up sheets for positions to serve in. Before signing up I took a list of descriptions for all greeters to make sure I am qualified. As it turns out I don't think I am qualified.

  1. Must be born again
  2. Must have a desire to make people feel welcome
  3. Must be attentive
  4. Must be clean and neat in appearance
  5. Must have "good breath"-if you need a breath mint (no gum) ask Pastor Will. He always has some

I think I qualify for the first four but the fifth one.? This made me laugh harder than I have in a long time. Is this normal? Do most churches require good breath to serve. I guess this means no coffee before services!

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Kris Sorensen said...

Maybe there is a position for testing people's breath. :) That would be a stinky job... (pun intended)