Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Story : Part 1

Everyone wants a Burning Bush experience with God. An experience like Moses, that cannot be doubted. When It happens... your life will never be the same.

My life changed dramatically on January 28, 2008. Thus my story begins.
I made the biggest decision of my life that day. With the thoughts of going to hell and all the things I've said, thought and done haunting me, I decided to repent. This is my everlasting soul after all. I accepted Jesus and everything He accomplished at Calvary for me. I asked the Lord for forgiveness and asked Him to come into my heart and live. He was faithful to do so.

The Holy Spirit wouldn't let me enjoy the things I use to enjoy so much. I was addicted to marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes and pornography. I laid down the alcohol and pornography but I continued to smoke weed and cigarettes. For the fist week I tried so hard to quit smoking these things myself. I felt so bad every time I smoked a cigarette or smoked any weed. I kept telling myself I'll quit after this bag is gone, it cost me a lot of money. And I'll quit after this pack is gone. The Holy Spirit within me wouldn't let me enjoy a single thing.

I cried out to the Lord, why can't I do this, I was so upset with myself. While I was crying out to the Lord I had the television on and a preacher was hollering and it got my attention. I stopped my sobbing and listened. It was like the Lord was yelling at me Himself. The preacher said, "God might not deliver you from marijuana the first day, He might not deliver you from cigarettes or alcohol the first day either. But when you say you can't do something when the Lord says you can, that's the worst kind of arrogance." By george, the Lord just called me arrogant I thought. I felt so ashamed and repented some more.

I felt my spirit within me rise and a holy anger come over me. I got so mad at the devil for deceiving me and rapping me in those chains that I took a stand and I said, "satan I don't listen to you any more, I am a child of God now and I listen to Him now." As I was coming against the devil, I took that bag of weed went to the bathroom and flushed 50 dollars worth of dope down the toilet. I then took what was left of my cigarettes and smashed them to oblivion so I couldn't salvage any of them. I continued to dwell in the presence of the Lord and meditate on Him. Still to this day I can't explain the feeling that came over me that night, but I knew deep in my soul that the addicted feeling had left me. I felt the heaviness lift off me. I sensed that from now on I would no longer have those irresistible urges. I was filled with the Holy Ghost that night and just soaked in it.

Sure enough, the next day I had an unspeakable free feeling, no addicted feeling drawing me in, just joy and peace. The only way I can explain the addicted feeling is that I felt like a puppet on strings, being pulled around even when I didn't want to go. These strings have been severed by the Lord and I give Him all the glory for that. Something happened when I surrendered everything to the Lord that night and stopped trying to fight it on my own. I laid my problems down at the foot of the cross and Jesus stepped in. I am delivered.

Since then I have been living a free and fulfilled life in Christ and my story goes on.


Char said...

Happy New Year Mike!!!!!!!!!
Are you going to church with us? And you didn't think that I was watching! Hee Hee Hee....
I enjoy your blogs too keep them coming, and thanks for leaving me out of them! Do you have a sugar buzz yet?
Love ya later

mike said...

Let me tell you, I was hit with this sudden burst of energy about an hour ago. Now I can't get off this stupid computer.

Not sure if I'm going to make it to your church tonight. Maybe if I get off this blasted machine.

One pen cap chewed up, five to go.
And around and around I go. weeee

mike said...

P.S. You forgot to ring the rag out again, and pick up after yourself. grrrr

von said...

Happy New Year!!!!
Mike, this is beautiful! Satan does try and try to keep us thinking we are helpless. Only when we do what you did and trust the Lord to deliver us will be free from his power.

love ya

I have not forgotten about your Christmas present. It will be coming!

Kris Sorensen said...

Praise God!!