Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Small Actions Can Convey Great Honor

137 in Mike Murdocks 2 minute wisdom, volume 5:

Honor is a seed of caring toward others. The Aged... the Leader... the Hurting... deserve honor.
The Apostle Paul commanded us to honor every person... especially those of the household of Faith, fellow believers. (Galatians 6:10)

Here are ways to honor those in your workplace:
  1. Leave the room...when they are talking on a personal telephone call...and do not return until they complete their call.
  2. Look away...when your supervisor or others are entering their entry codes into their computers.
  3. Avoid requests...for confidential information.

Never ask for someone's private cell telephone number. Ever. Simply ask, "Do you have a preferred telephone number for me to contact you?" I am still mystified that anyone would ask for my private telephone number, my cell phone number.

  • The Difference Between Success And Failure Is Decided By Whom You Have Chosen To Honor.
  • Honor Must Become Your Seed Before You Reap It As A Harvest.
  • Honor Is The Seed For Longevity, Of Life Or Relationships.

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