Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Disobedient at work

Yesterday I disregarded a direct order at work. Today I suffered the wrath of my boss because of it. I had my boss tell me one thing and my supervisor tell me another. I made the mistake of listening to my supervisor instead of the head honcho himself. My boss really let me have it today and it made me feel about 2 inches tall.

Amidst feeling stupid and ashamed I came to the conclusion that God has done a good work in me and now it is working it's way through me. Looking back ,which I hate to do, I realize that the old me would have taken this reprimanding the wrong way. I would have tried coming up with excuses. I would have put the blame on someone else. I would have let this eat at me and decide my attitude for the rest of the day. I would have said and thought some nasty things towards everyone involved in this mishap.

Instead of getting all upset, I just took the blame like a man. I disobeyed a direct order, I am to blame. I had a problem to solve and I did not solve it. I did not let this effect my mood for the rest of the day. I let it go and didn't hold anything against anyone. This is a huge change for me, considering how I would of normally responded. Praise be to God. Spending time with God and in His Word does pay off. I can't wait to see what kind of changes are on their way for the new year.

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von said...

Oh, Mike, I am so sorry that happened. I hate to be reprimanded at work. I know how that feels. You are right though, to just acknowledge where the blame should go. your boss will see how you handled the situation and appreciate you for it. In time he/she will know you are the kind of person they want around.

I am so glad that you have the Lord on your side. To draw strength from at any time of the day for what ever reason.