Wednesday, March 25, 2009

God's Will

I was reading a book today during my lunch hour. A book called 'Under The Overpass'. In this book the main character (and author) Mike Yankoski was talking about the Will of God. Now to pull away from what he was talking about in this book, it got me thinking of how sometimes I pray, "Your Will not my will Lord." But deep down there is this little notion of fear. A fear I would love to be completely free of. I know the Lord would never call me to do something that would harm me. But maybe this fear is rooted deeper than that. Maybe this is a fear of being called completely out of my comfort zone. Maybe this would mean putting my house up for sale and moving to the city which I would dread. Maybe it would mean moving to a foreign land that speaks a language that is just over my head. I never do know. What I need to get in my head is that no matter what God's Will is for my life. He holds me in His hands. There is nothing to fear. When I pray His Will be done rather than mine, do I really mean it? Or am I just trying to be spiritual in my prayer. I hope with all my heart that I mean it.

You never know where God will call you. Like for instance, He might call you to drive a bunch of squirts that do nothing but disrespect you every other week. I remember reading my church's newsletter and seeing that they needed a van driver for Wednesday nights. I thought to myself, this is for someone else, not me. Only a few weeks after that I was the Wednesday night van driver. To tell the truth I love it. It takes a lot of my time those nights and makes for a long Thursday but I wouldn't trade it for anything that I know of. I enjoy getting to know the children. Even if they push my buttons from time to time. God truly knows what He is doing. I hope I will trust in His Will for everything.


von said...

You will, Mike, just keep being aware of that issue.

RCrotty said...

I am glad that you are enjoying the book. A cuple of years ago I was Woundering What in the World am I here for. What purpose dose god have have for me. I still don't know but I am trying to find our.

Yvette said...

Just think though even if it is out of your comfort zone it's tons better then being in a place where we are far from Him. Mostly like stuck in a rut doing the same boring things over and over. I think you have proved you are out of the rut.:)
Hey, I am catching up on my blogs. I left a comment on the picture of us. I loved it! Thanks for posting that.