Friday, July 3, 2009

Book Searching Begins

I came to the conclusion today that I need a good book to fill my empty time slots. Something to feed my hunger, to quench my thirst. If your reading this and have a good suggestion, please, enlighten me. And so you know, I prefer non-fiction thank you.

I do have a good book to read. "Redefining Children's Ministry" but for some reason I just don't feel led to read it right now. So it sits in my library waiting till the day I need it. For now the search goes on for the right book at the right time. Something that will enrich my walk with the Lord and bring a much needed spiritual growth.

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Kris Sorensen said...

Here are some books that pop into my mind:

Crazy Love - Francis Chan
Fresh Wind Fresh Fire - Jim Cymbala
And the Angels Were Silent - Max Lucado
Power in Praise - Merlin Carothers
The Barbarian Way - Erwin McManus
Wild at Heart - John Eldredge