Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Under Pressure

I've been under a bit of pressure at work for a while. I take on more and more responsibility while others remain with only one responsibility. I won't dive into all that I'm taking on at work for the list would go on and on. But I'm glad to say that at the end of the work day I can leave my work load at work. I don't have to bring my pressures home with me.

Many people I work with take their stress and work related frustrations home with them to their wives/girlfriends/family/friends. Sadly I hear reports of their families replying to them saying, "I don't even recognize you anymore". That is a sad turn of events when you let the pressures of your day change your complete demeanor and your relationships with those closest to you.

In case you have a problem with this let me suggest, when you leave the office, factory or wherever you work, purpose to leave those work related stresses at the door of your work place. Just some advice.

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von said...

Mike, i want you to know that I pray for your comp. that you work for every day. I hope they appreciate it. I pray that their production will stay up. So, if you are taking more and more on it just makes you more valuable if times get even rougher.