Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day???

I'm trying to remember what Labor Day is all about. Is Labor Day the day we shouldn't labor or the day set aside just for labor.

For me I think I get the day off so I can labor over everything I can't get done during the week. My first thought in having a 3 day weekend was to go camping and fishing. Then I had a second thought. Camping would make the weekend go by too fast. So I decided to stay home and accomplish things I have put off for some time.

For the first time since I bought this house I actually got the garage clean enough to pull a vehicle in it. I got a bunch of fire wood cut, loaded and brought home. I also got veggies canned this morning and early afternoon. I didn't however get my washing machine installed. Nor did I get my dish washer installed. All in all I got some things accomplished and that pleases me.

Now I think I will figure out why we celebrate Labor Day.

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