Friday, October 30, 2009

Hanging On For The Ride

I think I must be losing my mind. The old me never would be doing the things I'm doing today. Serving God has brought me to new heights. It's made me bold (even if I'm a little scared inside), courageous and confident. I keep taking these small leaps of faith (that seem huge to me) into the unknown. I'm just trying to hang on and enjoy the ride that serving Christ Jesus brings. I could say this a million times over, I never would have imagined the things I'm doing today several years ago. Serving in a church, on staff, running web sites, doing power point for worship service, stepping in for a pastor to teach, was never in my plans for the future.

And now.....Just last night I signed up for a continuing education course at North Iowa Area Community College(NIACC). I registered for a Web Design class. I figured this would help out with making a new website for our church. I have Heather VanderPloeg to thank for informing me on this class. She brought this to my attention a little over a month ago and I kind of put in the back of my mind. I was stressed at the time with so many other things that the thought of going back to school and learning more things made my head want to explode. Funny thing, just a day or so after Heather sent me the link concerning this course I found a NIACC continuing education magazine sitting on my counter that had come in the mail. So the other day I was thinking of all this and thought that perhaps all this wasn't a
coincidence after all. Perhaps God has been trying to tell me something. Lately I haven't been feeling nearly as stressed as I had been. So I figured why not, lets go for another ride into the realm of the unknown. Regardless of the going back to school nightmares I used to have, God has been showing me that I can do what I put my mind to doing. I refuse to let doubt and fear tread my course through life anymore. I don't know what the rest of this ride looks like but I can say for sure that it is far from boring.

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von said...

you will love it! Promise! have I said i'm proud of you lately?