Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finally In Action

Finally, my computer is back to normal. Now I might get some work done without pulling anymore hair out of my head. Since my computer has been on the outs lately here is what's been going on.

A little over a week ago I finally got married at the age of 32. To the relief of some family members, yes, I like girls. I can no longer call myself single. We already took our honey moon. Short lived but much needed time away. We spent a few nights at a resort in southern Iowa. Our first couple of hours was interesting to say the least. When we arrived we unpacked right away in a small one room with kitchen, living room and bedroom all in one. The nice thing was the two person whirl pool in the bathroom. But the first hour there the main water line to our whirl pool broke flooding the next room. We were moved out and given another room. But to our delight we were upgraded to a town house. Two bedroom, two bath, living room with two pull out couches and a fire place, patio with a grill, full kitchen, and laundry room for our trouble to be exact. Talk about the favor of God. We hit a few scenic sights during our stay and came home Wednesday.

Suzy had to be at the church to lead her Worship Dance team Wednesday night. We had our 2nd Talent Night of the year. Everyone did a great job. Suzy is really doing a knock out job with this Worship Dance.

At work we finally went back to normal hours so I don't have to get up at 5 am anymore. Yippeee!!!
And now I work on the house.......and of course my marriage.

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