Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Look At The New Jerusalem

As we know from scripture the Lord owns "the cattle on a thousand hills", "The world is Mine", God says, "and all its fullness". Everything comes from Him. Everything we have belongs to Him. God has not only given us every material thing we have, He has also given us His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who provides our very salvation.

Now lets take a look at the New Jerusalem that the Lord has prepared for His chosen elect. I dream of this Heaven that is in my mind but lets look closer at what was revealed to John in verses 10-21 of Revelation.

By: Frederick K. C. Price

A furlong is 660 feet, so if you adjust the terminology to miles, you see a city that is 15oo miles on each side, and 15oo miles high. The thickness of the wall, 144 cubits, is 72 yards. Each wall had 12 layers or "foundations" 125 miles high, consisting of these 12 jewels. One and one-half miles each just of topaz, beryl, jasper, and sapphire would constitute wealth beyond which the richest American or the Sultan of Brunei could even imagine.

We see in verse 18 the city was of pure gold. Remember, this is a city 1500 miles square of pure gold. Then we see there are 12 gates, and since John does not comment otherwise on it, we must assume that each gate is as tall as the wall it is attached to. Each one of these 12 gates consists of a single giant pearl. Imagine a pearl 1500 feet tall!

So if we cannot see heaven-if we cannot see where God lives-we can get just a taste of it in what the Lord revealed to John about the New Jerusalem. It's a city of such astounding, fantastic wealth that it boggles the mind.


RCrotty said...

Sorry this comment is not abuot Jerusalem. I was woundering what you thought of class last night? Did your Mother like the Class? I know that I can't run like a turtle anymore. I really need to speed up.

mike said...

Get mad Ruth, get mad and win the battle against debt. I thought it was long yet good. It was funny too. My mother only learned one thing considering she is so stinking smart. I think she liked it though. She took similar classes at her church. Not quite as detailed as ours though.

Myself, I'm not sitting too bad on debt. My house is what I need to concentrate on.

RCrotty said...

I will get mad and Someday I will win the battle against debt. The movie was long. But it was funny. I wish I was smart like your mother. Talk to you later.