Thursday, April 30, 2009

Changed By Time

Lately I have been having old memories and old dreams come to remembrance. It's really strange to remember a dream vividly from years and years ago.

Today while I was at work I got a flash back of Captain Kangaroo. I even felt the same strange feelings flood over me when the show used to come on at 7:00 AM before school. I felt myself yearning for that feeling again. I can remember how great I thought it was to have the Captain and Mr. Greenjeans with me every morning. Now, when I'm older and look back on stuff like this I see how old, out of date, and lame it seems now. Kind of a disappointment. It is truly amazing how time changes things. We discussed this issue at Bible study last night. How back in those days you didn't have to worry about seeing or hearing profanity on television or radio. Now its everywhere and people just don't blush anymore.

Mr. Greenjeans would be proud of me. I got my entire garden planted today. :-}


RCrotty said...

I Remember watching that show. My favorite part was when the Ping Pongs fell on him. Do you remember Zooblie Zoo. Did I spell that right?

By the way I am sorry about you friends. It is a shame that they couldn't see past the drugs and see God like you did. My prayers are with you and their familys.

mike said...

Not sure if I remember zooblie zoo. I would have to see it to remember. I liked the ping pong part too, it happened every time.

I'll have to tell you the whole story of my friends and their stroke of the curse.

RCrotty said...

I would love to hear it sometime. I am also glad that God saved you. Who else would pick up the kids on wed. night. I might have to.