Monday, April 13, 2009

Prayer And Science????

Yesterday I got caught up in watching a show that was talking about prayer. Doctors and others were discussing how they have witnessed people's recovery just from prayer. People who were on deaths bed and refused any medical treatment except prayer had a 100% turn around. The show turned for the worse in my thoughts. They were trying to discuss how prayer works scientifically. This saddened my heart. One man said "Just like when we discovered penicillin and didn't know how it worked, we used it anyway because it did work. In the same way I believe that someday we will know how prayer really works." I thought DUH...pick up the BIBLE simple is that. The Bible explains it all. I bet the Angels hanging around him were like duh dude pick up the bible, it explains everything. We are constantly surrounded by angels recording everything that is going on. They ended the program by saying that someday the only thing they will have to prescribe people is daily prayer. (If they find out how prayer works of course.) That will be the day...

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