Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thermostat Check

It's so important that I keep the same temperature. Not just in my body. Think about it. Our body temperature has an average. If our body temperature goes up or down you will see it in our outer man. In the same way, spiritually and emotionally we need to set the thermostat and keep a controlled temperature.

We lose our witness whenever we lose our cool. There is always someone watching us to see how we react when we are under pressure. When things aren't going so well and the average person would blow their top. People living in the world want to see how Christians react. Are we being the best examples that we can be? Think about your personal life. When a money problem arises are you complaining and showing worry? When a person is getting under your skin do you let it be known? I've blown my witness plenty of times but am learning this skill of setting the thermostat.

Think of a house set at 67 degrees Fahrenheit. In the dead of winter when it's zero to below zero 67 will be a nice temperature to come inside to. Same if it's 90 to 100 degrees with humidity levels sky high. I would love to enter this house at a constant 67 degrees. May our lives stay a constant temperature so people will run to us looking for comfort. We can then direct them to our peace that is in Jesus.

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