Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Border Patrol

I was listening to a teaching by Joyce Meyer this morning as I got ready for work. She was talking about establishing boundaries in relationships. She used an example of boundaries and borders explaining how when entering into Canada you go through a series of questions and or searches. She made a comment about the kind of people we let into our lives. Are they adding to us or taking away.

I made a relationship with a person when I was first born-again. I thought the relationship was fine because this person was a Christian. It turned out this person was constantly sucking the life right out of me. This person ended up being very needy and clingy. It was a drain on my life and it hurt when I had to tell this person they were driving me nuts. Needless to say I am much more cautious who I let into my life. When I see a person with certain, I'll just say certain issues, a red flag pops up. I will not allow myself to get too close to these types of people. I guess you could say we learn a lot of wisdom from past experiences. I'm learning what to look for for a lasting relationship and what to look for when wanting to avoid heart ache or burdens.

We should all be cautious when letting people into our lives. I think of what Joyce said about the Canadian border. No one is moving in without passing the tests.

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