Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Good Word From God

Recently I received another word from the Lord. I contemplated not sharing it here. I guess I was afraid how others will take it. You see, some people get divinely healed and others don't. some, like myself, get divinely delivered from drug addiction and alcoholism and others don't, they have to work at it. I might not ever know why God has chosen to speak words to me and deliver me until I'm with Him again in heaven. I can't comprehend the fact that another Christian who has lived a much holier life than I would suffer until death with cancer and I would get so many blessings. I don't understand how other Christians never get words of knowledge from God and I do.

Last week, on a Monday night I went to a church meeting where there was a special speaker. This man is anointed in the gift of prophecy. In the middle of his preaching he would stop call someone up and bless them and prophesy over them. Towards the end he pointed at me and called me up. Here's what he spoke over me.

I don't know you but I see empty shelves. I see this room, I see you in it, the shelves that used to have stuff on them are empty shelves. The Lord said you tell my son we'll put some stuff back on those shelves for him. That he doesn't have to be in this room by himself. He doesn't have to look at what used to be there, he doesn't have to look and say once upon a time I had, well I had this but I lost this. Well I had this but it left, I had this but it was stolen. The Lord said I'm coming and I'm going to bless you and I'm going to add to you and I'm going to fill you and I'm going to fill these shelves with beautiful and good things.

I say that the quality of his life is going up and the happiness and the joy level of his life is going up. That's what I claim in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

If anyone knows me well he hit the nail right on the head. I've given up and lost so much to follow Jesus and have been all by myself for so long. When I read this I can't help but weep. Praise God for His goodness!! I haven't felt this close to the Lord ever in my life. My joy and happiness has gone up and I believe and expect the rest of this prophecy to come to pass. The Lord said (I'm coming and I'm going to bless you and I'm going to add to you and I'm going to fill you) That gives me goose bumps of joy.


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von said...

So cool, Mike! God does love you like a special blessed son.

RCrotty said...

I am so glad that God has good things comming for you. I don't know anyone else who deservies it more.

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