Friday, December 18, 2009

If I Could Write A Letter To Myself

If I could write a letter to me when I was younger. I would write.

Dear Myself,

I'm not going to give too much of your future away by telling you to avoid certain down falls and heart aches because they all lead up to this day and place. This day and place will be very special to you and there is nothing in the world that could change it for the better.One thing I will give you a heads up on. When you are 31 you will meet the most special, precious, loving and beautiful woman of your dreams. Remember to always treasure her with everything you have. Hold on to her for dear life. Trust her no matter what attacks your mind. Put a ring on her finger as soon as you can and ask her for forever. She will be your everything and make your heart smile. Remember that I love you and that's why I'm writing this letter to me, I mean you. I don't want you to miss out on the love of your life. This person will make you forget all the hurt you've ever felt and make any pain in your life melt away to nothing. She will fill that empty void in your life. Treat her with the respect and love she deserves and never, I mean ever take her for granted. She will be the world to you and make your life long dreams come true. Also, don't forget to thank God for every moment you have with her, He is the foundational reason for your coming together.

Until then,
You, me, Michael Dean Nissen

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