Thursday, August 26, 2010

Starting A New Book Or Three

I'm looking forward to the end of next month even though I've been getting a lot out of this month and I'm sure to do so in the next. At the end of next month on the 25th I will be married. That is exciting all in itself. Starting a new life with a beautiful woman of God. Along with getting married comes all the preparations, including premarital counseling. We are wrapping up a book by Chuck Swindoll called Strike the Original Match for our counseling sessions. Great book. But for our teacher/preacher meetings we have started not one, not two but soon to be three books. As of now I'm juggling 3 books, my Bible, extra overtime at work (praise God) and my life. Sounds hectic but I love it. For now.

For our Wednesday night Bible Studies (And Teacher Meetings) we have been reading Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong by John MacArthur. Great book looking at making decisions in the gray areas of life where scripture isn't so clear. Each Wednesday night we have a lesson on one chapter. Speaking of Wednesday nights, I gave my message and it went superbly. I had confidence, little nervousness, no fidgeting. I spoke boldly and drove my point home. It was better than anticipated. Now back to the books. Our second book that we were given being told it's a mandatory read is Wayne Cordeiro's Divine Mentor. I've only scratched the surface with this book but I have a good feeling about it. Pastor says he has ordered us another book and it will be a mandatory read right after our wedding. It's called Wild Goose Chase. I can't remember the author. So I'm looking forward to the end of next month where I can focus on my reading more. No more counseling sessions running here and there continuously and so on. Also I'm in the middle of a small bathroom remodel. Hope to be done soon. On a good note I sold my big truck which will help reimburse me for the money I've been spending on wedding stuff. Soooooon the chaos will end, I hope!!!

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