Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An In-Depth Christian Worldview Experience

Suzy and I a week before our wedding felt a prompting to take on a project. There was a facilitator training seminar for Focus On The Family's 'The Truth Project'. This four hour Leadership Training class has prepared us to lead a small to medium sized small group in what could be the most important tour of anyones life who will participate. The Truth Project is an attempt to engage in the battle for truth. You see, you and I are engaged in a cosmic battle. A battle that is raging for the hearts and minds of people everywhere, pitting the truth claims of God against the lies of the world, the flesh and the devil. It is a battle over what you truly believe.

This project is designed to build a systematic and comprehensive biblical framework by studying God's blueprint for all of life. For some time now I have felt God speaking to me about warfare. We are in a war. Dare I say a war of words. Satans words against God's Words which started way back in the Garden of Eden. I see and hear people in the Church today speak lies that totally contradict what the Bible teaches about truth. I want people to start examining their faith to see if what they believe is really real.

Suzy and I hope to embark on this adventure together with another couple from our church starting sometime next year. We pray that it will be an encounter with God as we endeavor to gaze upon His face and seek to know Him more deeply. Because it is there, and only there, that we find true transformation-a metamorphosis that will renew your mind and heart and equip you to resist conforming to the world (Romans 12:2).

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